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I look into liquid in the glass in my hand, of all the things I’d done I’d really opened a can of worms with this one, sure I’d one some good and because of my actions the world hadn’t ended several times but, well it had also put a lot of other things in motion some not for the best and it probably aggravated my own situation and the problems I now currently faced. I realised I have missed something the other man has asked me, “Pardon?” I ask simply, the other man laughs, he looks years my senior possibly even old enough to be my own father but in reality he is so much younger than me it’s unreal. “What happened?” I answer repeating his question back, he nod’s sagely, “Ah well funny story there…” the other man raises an eyebrow he already doesn’t believe it’s going to be funny, he knows me well. “I found him and well it didn’t go well, we got into a bit of a scrap.” I hear the sigh from the other side of the room. “I was doing okay, swords were drawn I was holding things together really well, using the style…” I paused as for the second time that night the missing friend is mention, “I used Lycordia’s style, he was good but I was matching him well. Right up until he cut my face with the hilt of his sword.” I look over and the other man was already shaking his head he knew where this was going. “I got a touch aggressive…” the shaking of a head turns into a deep tired sigh from the other man. He’s wise enough to know what that would mean, I smile sheepishly I feel like a naughty school boy confessing my error to the other man. “I lost control let him get the upper hand and I got ran through with the Katana the lad was using.” The other man winces, I know he knows how much it would have hurt and unlike him I can’t deflect pain, it wasn’t a pleasant memory but by far not my most painful one. “Yeah talk about a cock up, luckily I’d given my message to the lad, before, well before he fled I guess I’m not totally sure.” I wasn’t then, now I know he had taken my words and headed off to the place where prophecy had seen him, some good had come out of my moment of stupidity, he’d fulfilled one prophecy already as had the slayer he was with, but they are other tales for other nights, right now I still had to explain myself to the other man. For him to understand why I’d done the things I had then to help him see why the present was the way it was now. Well that or the chaotic confusion that was my life was suddenly beginning to make sense to me, it was hard to say as the alcohol took hold of me.

I can see the other man has noticed my pause it has gone on longer than I expected, initially it had been one of those cool sort of pauses designed for effect, but by the look on his face, I messed up and it had turned into a difficult silence which had caused a look of concern from my friend. I shrug it off and continue with my story, I don’t even bother to try and salvage anything from the pause and pretend that it never happened. “Well I don’t really recall much after getting stabbed in the guts think I passed out…” I hadn’t but he didn’t need to know that I’d actually lay in a heap cursing and hoping to all and any gods that were listening that I didn’t Downtime, I did know one thing from that, Lyton had called for an ambulance, well that or I did have a fairy godmother somewhere, the later was doubtful but the fact Lyton had tried to help me even after running me through had at the time filled me with hope that pushing him towards the white hats was a good idea.

“Anyway I wake a few days later in a hospital, in pain and with two Mindwalkers sat at the end of my bed. And no they weren’t well wishes they were my bosses.” I sigh and the other man tops my glass back up, “Apparently the only contactable number the hospital had found was theirs, so they were posing as a concerned aunt and uncle, not the greatest thing to wake up to trust me, and well things didn’t get much better from there. Sure Guardian’s get hurt in the field from time to time, most however aren’t on their own little side projects, and as much as I would have liked to lie to them, the Council of Elders had given them permission to probe my mind to find out what had happened.” I saw my friend look a little confused, I knew he had a fair bit of experience with my kind, he’d lived among us for several years, but it seemed some of the darker sides of our society had eluded him. “You know it’s frowned upon for one Guardian to probe the mind of another without permission and even then you may only look at what the other person lets you?” I saw a nod from the other man and continued, “Well in extreme circumstances the Council of Elders will authorise someone to have a mind probe against their will. Well it seemed that they considered me an extreme circumstance at that point.” I take a mouthful of the liquid in my glass hoping to burn out the bitter taste the memory leaves me with. The man opposite shakes his head and I can tell from the look on his face he understands the underlying meaning of what I had said, I’d been forced against my will because someone somewhere didn’t trust me, and for a change without good reason. “Well they took the information from me, like I said I can Mind walk but against two primary and experienced Mindwalkers I stood no chance to hold any defence or put up any barriers, plus I wasn’t really on form after getting run through a few days previously. They took the information they wanted, I couldn’t stop them, it wasn’t a comfortable or pleasant experience, they have to be forceful to make sure nothing was being hidden by me. Ironically if they’d just asked me I probably would have told them everything I’d been up to anyway.” It had been a humiliating experience to have that done, to be so un-trusted by my own kind They found out I was working on the Slayer prophecies, but at least by taking the information directly from me by force they knew the motivation behind it, but that didn’t change the fact that in 700 years I was the first Guardian to have this done to them with the council’s permission and backing. Even now it stung and perhaps that’s why I couldn’t even tell my friend much about it, he was the first person I’d ever spoken to about it, and I couldn’t even tell him the full story of it, what it felt like, what they could have seen, it was still too raw for me to do that, I knew if I had he wouldn’t have judged, his kind never did and perhaps that was I even told him at all, I knew he wouldn’t see my any differently because of it, but I still couldn’t bring myself to tell him everything. “From what they saw they knew I only had the interest of the Balance in mind when I had done it, which I think was the saving factor in it all for me, but I still had to be punished, it was my final warning from them, if I even thought of stepping out of line I’d be sent back to the Village forever, I also had to promise to quit actively investigating and chasing Slayer prophecies unless they gave me permission to do so, and as a final dig from those on the Council no Guardian was to give me aid for the injury I’d picked up, I could heal it myself, which as we both know wasn’t likely to happen so I had to heal like any ordinary person. But it could have been worse I could remain in my current role and in the field which was all I really cared about at that point. I made my promises and they left me. But they weren’t my only bosses at that point.” Some days when I think of what happened, I really wonder if they should have actually recalled me to the Village, then Alex wouldn’t have discovered what he was, and in turn wouldn’t have been made rogue, the Sentry wouldn’t have been sent after the kids in Bedford Josh would still have his mother, Ramon wouldn’t have gone after Chelsea and I wouldn’t have ruined her life. I may have gone insane or got made Rogue a lot sooner that I did, but at least everyone else’s lives would have remained intact.

“The Watchers council paid me a visit not long after the Mindwalkers left me.” I said carrying on with the story even though my head was definitely starting to swim, a definite sign I should have called it a night but I was feeling stubborn and angry at myself so I decided to show my head who was boss by taking another sip of my drink in utter defiance. “Well the Watchers weren’t impressed, but unlike my own kind they couldn’t rip the information from me, so I told them a convenient lie, well mostly convenient, they some how knew David Lyton was involved, I didn’t ask how but I tried to protect him as best I could, odd really given the fact he was the one who’d hurt me, normally I’m a lot more angry at attempts on my life, but I wasn’t perhaps because I knew it was my fault. I gave the Watchers some story about demon chasing, which I wasn’t meant to be doing, and ran into David and well accidents happen. They took it but I was in trouble and as soon as I was out of hospital I had to go to Russell Square to stand before the board of directors. They weren’t impressed and I got a huge lecture about being young and foolish, which amused me seeing as I was probably older than combined ages of the four board members, but I nodded in all the right places and said sorry when I was meant to. I took my punishment like a man, or rather like the tweed wearing stiff upper lip type all Watchers have to be. The council had been worried my ‘youth’ might be causing me to be too headstrong and difficult, and they’d have to take a greater involvement in my development now that I had a Slayer in waiting. By development they actually meant interfering and performance management, it wasn’t too bad, at least I’d not been kicked out, which I think the council of Elders had been secretly hoping for. I still had my Slayer….” I sighed I really didn’t want to think about her tonight, even since my run in with Calith since he’d made me see things I’d been having a lot of nightmares and she was often there stood in a field of giggling flowers and always asking why. I know I would see her tonight I could almost guarantee it, memories were like muddy water, once it was stirred up it took a long time to settle.

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