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The Confession of Her fall by Evilandrea

Max Thames lets Phillip in on a dark secret about how manipulated the life of Cassandra Pedersen.

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Story Notes:

This story is set in the near future of the Carlisle game, after game 11

Part 1 by Evilandrea

I smile as the person opposite me asks the question I have been expecting all evening, for all my years and it still surprises me how people will stall on asking the question foremost on their mind. Sometimes for reasons of pride, or to avoid causing pain, but many things can lower those inhibitions and the method tonight had been alcohol, though I suspected I was the target and my friend was trying to lower my inhibitions to talk. The question had been on their mind that much I could tell and I didn’t even need to resort to mind walking, the drink had been perhaps to pry the answer from me, but it hadn’t been necessary I wasn’t ashamed of the answer. “Cassandra Pedersen?” I smiled again “Yes I know her as it happens we met during the time I spent as a watcher.” I feel the need to chuckle but control it pretty well. I could leave it at that but the other deserved the full story it was only right and fitting and perhaps it would allow them to understand better where they currently were. And it was a long and sorry tale even before I got to what I’d been forced to do to get Cassie, as I had known her then to where she needed to be.

“It’s a long story but well I can see neither of us going anywhere soon, get yourself comfortable and I’ll explain everything.” I warn them, I take another mouthful of drink in front of me, I don’t really taste it any more but that doesn’t really bother me, I know I will succumb to the stuff long before the man I’m drinking with will. That bugger has the constitution of an ox and he knows it, it’s why he chose this method that and for the sake of old times. “Like I said I knew Cassandra when I was working as a Watcher, my last official mission as a Guardian, would have been about 5 years ago, it wasn’t a meeting formed through chance it was more deliberate, but to understand why I have to explain everything from the beginning so you understand the why of what I did. It just after my first run in with David Lytton, I fellow I found out about through a prophecy, all part of my relatively short assignment, 10 years studying the forces of good through prophecies related to the Vampire Slayer.” I sigh when I think about my job, talk about a dead end job, prophecies about the Vampire Slayer there were thousands most utterly rubbish, “I think it was my equivalent to pushing a boulder up hill for eternity, but well I made the best of it, and the best thing about working for a bunch of Mindwalkers is that they are too busy in their own heads to notice a dam thing you’re up to. Which worked for me, I could pretty much do my own thing and I think when I asked to actually go back to the field and serve as a Watcher to better deal with prophecies they were just happy to get me out from under their feet. They left me lone for ages even after the debarkle with Dave Lytton first time round, well okay they slapped my wrist for that the Council of Elders hit the roof about it so did the Watchers Council which was part of the reason I was in….” I can see the look of confusion of the other mans face, I pause for a second. “I didn’t tell you about the Dave Lytton thing?” I think back to when it had happened, “No course I wouldn’t not then, think the last time I would have seen you would have been for the funeral…” a mutual friend, a close mutual friend to both of us, she’d passed away long before her time and I suddenly realise I’ve barely seen the other man in the six years since her death. I feel the sudden sadness so common place among my kind when we see so many friends and loved ones die long before we will. I raise my glass in a toast and drain the last of the golden liquid. My companion does the same, it’s lucky I know the behaviour and some of the rituals of his kind, he then refills both glasses with the whiskey we have both been drinking.

I allow the few moments of quiet to pass calmly between us both, but the silence is telling and I know if I let it settle then we’ll both end up in a state by the morning and it will be dark place drinking which I will sorely regret. So I carry on with my explanation I feel it’s the safest of our possible discussion, we would likely drink to her memory but tonight wasn’t the night, but I would make sure it was done before I went back, with everything the way it currently was in the world and with the other news I had to give him it was important to do that things now. “Well the Dave Lytton thing, that all started accidentally, like I said I was heavily involved in prophecies and two names kept turning up in Slayer prophecy and prophecies of the end times, and I could swear I’d heard them somewhere else as well, The Warrior and the Weapon that binds good and evil, well initially I was hooked on a weapon that bound good and evil, spent ages discussing it with Dimitri a weapon like that would have to be Guardian made, but well it didn’t sit right that it was one of ours especially as these prophecies weren’t ours and that they came from so many different sources. So well as with many things I obsessed for a bit, I researched, scryed, the works, I couldn’t find this weapon, it didn’t exist, frustrating wasn’t the word, during this time I was also given a slayer in waiting, Chelsea Patterson she was…” I pause the words stick in my throat, there is so much I want to say about the girl, but I can’t and when I try a flare of anger ignites the alcohol inside me, fuels the rage I still feel towards the girl. But it’s not hate, I couldn’t hate her, what happened didn’t make me hate her but it did make me angry and those wounds were still very fresh to me. Chelsea Patterson was currently one of my biggest failures and I knew it, didn’t mean I wanted to talk about it with him though. I noticed that I’ve sat and balled both fists, I quickly unclench my hands hoping the other man didn’t notice, and change the topic, “Well she’s pretty much separate to all of this, anyway, yes these prophecies,” I think I’ve covered my slip pretty well and vow not to go back to the subject of her again for as long as I can, it’s not a place I like going at the moment. “Well I was busy with lots of things and couldn’t find this weapon anywhere, had no idea what it was, so I changed my view point a little, I was working on a very short time frame now, especially when I found out my slayer in waiting would be called, the balance shift around her told me that much, and well we both know Slayers don’t have a long life. I figured a weapon of good and evil might be tricky to find within the Balance so I started looking for the Warrior, I figured it would be a Slayer and as a Watcher I had perfect access to all the records I needed. Most of the prophecies seemed to link the Warrior to the South West of England, Plymouth to be exact and then I discovered that there was a gateway to hell their and well the pieces started to fall into place. I had focus for scrying and so when I wasn’t training my Slayer in waiting I began to search for this source, I hate scrying at the best of times, I Mindwalk but I’m no Mindwalker if that makes sense? I can find the information but it requires a fair whack of time and effort to make sense of it. So you can imagine my utter disbelief that when I scryed for a Slayer who would be the Warrior I kept coming up with the vision of a man. Five attempts later and all I could see was this man, it made little sense to me a man in a prophecy about a Slayer. What can I say I was hooked on the mystery, you know me when I get started on something and I get interested I just have to find the answer.” I smile we both know what happens when I find something that interests me I’m like a dog with a bone, sometimes the results are good sometimes they are bad my mentor calls it my greatest ability and my worst failing.

“Turned out his name was Dave Lytton, and he was known to the Council, that’s where I found the Slayer connection, well the first Slayer connection anyway, since about the age of 12 he was friends with a Slayer, she’d passed on a few years previously and her Watcher’s diaries seemed to indicate Dave had been training with her and then fighting with her. Dug a little deeper, and found out that he’d upset the council, interfered in the test they force Slayers to take at 18 and generally been a bit of a pain. From what I could tell with regards to the balance he was definitely a force of good, a huge force of good and I figured he’d led me to the Slayer, the Warrior and the Weapon. Trouble was I couldn’t work out which Slayer would end up there, I knew there was one but I couldn’t find her in the Balance.” I paused, then I’d been frustrated by it all, not being able to find something in the Balance was something I’d not been used to, sure I’m no good as a Healer but I at least understand and can feel the Balance really well, to not have that put my back up, and just made the whole curiosity of it all so much worse. “So I did the only logical thing, I decided to take the Chance on Mr Lytton and send him where he was needed to be. Let’s just call that my greatest and most flawed plan ever. Sure I was messing with Slayer prophecies, but we were warned of an on coming storm by the forces of evil, and well I knew the forces of good were going to need all the help they were going to get, I was pretty much saving for that raining day. The Council of Elders were being incredibly short sighted with regards to the Balance, and it had made me edgy I guess I was trying to set up a back up plan. How bad is that, a Guardian trying to out guess the council of Elders, no wonder they don’t like me much.” The realisation surprises me a little, I had spent the last couple of decades trying to get one step ahead of the council, and perhaps I always knew what they were going to do to me. “Well anyway I found Lytton, though I perhaps should have planned ahead. I learnt an important lesson that day, don’t go to speak to a demon hunter when he’s stalking a demon late at night in an abandoned building.” I see the other man shake his head and given me a look that speaks volumes of his opinion on it. I smile I can’t help it, I know exactly what he’s going to say to me, what he’s going to call me. “Don’t start I know it was stupid.” I say shaking my own head.

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